Session 18

Coquihalla Valley Railway
Operating Session #18
Layout date Sunday 25 September 1955 Session date Saturday 14th January 2017
Operations were carried out between 11:00 and 13:10
then between 1340 and 1540
Trains operated 17
Train orders written 13
Fast clock ratios at 4:1 and 6:1

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Roles and Responsibilities

Trainmaster John G.Brookmere Yard MasterGordon M.
DISPATCHERs Brian D. & Brian P.Princeton way freight WestColin D.
OPERATOR Coquihalla and Hope Brian C.Nicola Turn Way Freight Scott C.
OPERATOR Merritt & Brookmere Greg M.JULIET LOGGER (TURN)Graham S.
OPERATOR TERMINALS & Portia Tom M.COQUIHALLA Sub Way Freight (West) Doug P.
Road Crew # 1 79, 11, 81 Doug H.
Road Crew # 2 80, 12, 82 Al L.
MERRITT Mixed East 806 Colin D.
Later in the Session
MERRITT MIXED Way Freight West 805 Colin D. Extra 8441 East PRINCETON Way Freight Colin D.
Extra 1415 West Through [Number 83] Graham S. Extra 4085 East Through [Number 84] Al L.
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