Operating Session 15

Operating session #15 Held on Saturday August 20 2016, Between 1030 and 1515.
Layout Date Thursday September 22 1955
Layout clock time began at 0545
At sessions end 0130 on Sept 23

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Dramatis Personae
Dispatcher Brian D.
Terminals Operator Dave M..
Hope/Coquihalla Operator Michael B.
Brookmere Merritt Operator Doug H..
Brookmere Yard Master Brian C..
Mainline Crew # 1 Colin D..
Mainline Crew # 2 Kent C.
Logger – a turn to Hope Tom M..
Nicola Turn Anthony C. & Greg M.
X 8436 Spences Bridge-Brookmere Gordon M..
No 807 Brookmere/Merritt Gordon M..
Extra East Coquihalla WF Ken M & Doug P..
Princeton Turn West Gordon M..
Extra 8410 West Anthony C.
Princeton Turn East Gordon M..
Host/Train Master/Go-For John G.