Operating Session 22

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The Coquihalla Valley Railway
welcomed regular crew members with some friends for a spring operating session on Saturday morning/afternoon of 15 April 2017
This operating session #22 ran using Time Table, 8 Train Orders and 15 clearances were issued
The model railway date was Thursday September 29, 1955
This session ran for about three and a half hours 14 of 17 planned trains were run.

Train Crews for CQVR Session #22
on a Bright Sunny Spring Saturday Our Crew Call
Dispatcher Brian D.
Assistant Dispatcher Ken M.
Station Operator Hope & Coquihalla Brian C.
Terminals Operator Portia and Brookmere John G.
Brookmere Yard Master Adam L.
Extra West Princeton to Brookmere Mike C.
Nicola Turn Colin D.
Juliet Logger Greg M.
Coquihalla Way Freight Tom M.
Road Crew # 79, #11, # 82 Mike N.
Road Crew #80, # 12, #81 Mike C.
#806 Spence’s Bridge Mixed Ken M.
#805 Spence’s Bridge Mixed Mike N.
Host Trainmaster, Photographer, and General Go-For John G.
Photos and Text Copyright by John Green 2017
This Session started just a week before with a late crew call sent out only seven days before the session was to run.
Quite expectedly many people were already committed to other events on a Busy Easter Weekend
I was very lucky that nine enthusiastic friends were able to attend our twenty second operating session.