Operating session 21

The Coquihalla Valley Railway
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welcomed regular crew members with some friends for an operating session on Saturday morning/afternoon of 04 February 2017
Photos taken by John Green This operating session #21 used an informal system of train control without TT&TO paperwork.
The model railway date was Wednesday September 28, 1955
This session ran for about four hours 16 of 17 planned trains plus one extra were run.
Train Crews for CQVR Session #21 on a very Snowy Saturday
Brookmere Yard Master Brian C.
Extra West Princeton to Brookmere Colin D
Nicola Turn Brian D.
Juliet Logger Jacob
Coquihalla Way Freight Kent C.
Road Crew # 79, #11, # 82 Tom M.
Road Crew #80, # 12, #81 Colin D
#806 & #805 Spence’s Bridge Mixed Marc S
Extra West Through [#83] Marc C
Extra East Through [#84] Jacob
Extra East from Brookmere ???? ?
Host Trainmaster, Photographer, and Go-For John Green
Operations were carried out between 11:00 and 15:00 With a half hour snack break Trains were run by sequence with the usual Dispatcher and Station Operators were off duty - All enjoying acting as train crews - running trains for fun.